Hi Guys, I hope you're well and looking after yourselves! Lately I've been feeling a little less motivated and a lot more 'meh', but after a week of relaxing, baking cookies, eating cookies and sleeping sleeping sleeping, I'm starting to feel more like myself (my true sloth form, clearly haha).

For a while now, I've struggled with quite bad skin, and this has definitely been something that has contributed to my up-and-down mood during lock down, however, there have been 3 products that have been absolute fail-safe for me and I thought today, that I would share them with you guys!

Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil

Now this, THIS, is probably my all-time favourite beauty/skincare product, ever. This product has been an absolute life-saver for me, as you can probably tell by the fact that I've photographed the empty bottle in the images above.

The Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil is a gentle make-up dissolving oil, infused with a blend of botanical oils, which nourishes and soothes skin, whilst also removing those last little bits of make-up that micellar water can't always get!

As someone with super sensitive, and occasionally very dehydrated, skin, I've found this to be the perfect thing to start each day and end each day. I don't like to over-dose my skin with too many products, as I find doing so usually makes me break out and angers my skin, so the beauty of this cleansing oil is that it does so many things for my complexion in one turn.

Most cleansers I had tried prior to this had always left my skin with that tight and dry feeling, yet this one is just so perfect, gently melting away make up and leaving my skin feeling super clean and soft. I massage it into my face, turning the oil into a more milky, frothy texture and then simply rinse off with water and pat my face dry with a towel. I'm always thrilled with how subble and smooth my skin is left feeling.

It never leaves any residue on my face either, and has helped clear up my skin so so much. Both me and my skin are always left feeling so super calm after using this. I simply cannot rave about it enough. Like I said, it has pride of place as my favourite beauty product ever.

Absolute 10/10 - a MUST buy!

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Fresh Water Cream

Now, this is a new product on my radar, but I've been using it for the last month or so and have absolutely fallen in love!

The Bobbi Brown Hydrating Fresh Water Cream is a face cream, formulated with over 70% water. It's lightweight, oil free and helps double skins moisture immediately, meaning it's perfect for combination/dry skin. 

I suffer with a lot of dry patches and redness, which this product is designed to reduce and balance out and it does so perfectly. It also helps minimize pores, whilst strengthening the skins moisture barrier and protecting against irritants, which, again, is just a dream for my sensitive skin!

I like to apply this to a freshly washed face before applying my make-up, as well as occasionally topping up my skin with some moisture at night if my face is feeling a bit dry and tight. 

It creates such a smooth canvas for make-up, and also helps give that glowy vibe, which I love. It keeps my face feeling hydrated all day long too, which is perfect if I'm on-the-go (not during lockdown, obviously) or shooting images all day long. 

All in all, this is best moisturizer/face cream that I've found for my sensitive skin. It's so super light and easy to use - it retails at around £40-£45, but I'd say it's 100% worth the price tag.

Evolve Beauty Daily Detox Facial Wash

Last but not least we have the Evolve Daily Detox Facial Wash

Now, although I normally just stick to using my Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil, a couple times a week, I like to throw this into the mix too.

This is a foaming facial wash that helps to detoxify and re-balance skin. It contains aloe vera, which is perfect for soothing and softening the skin, whilst also containing natural goji berry extract, which helps defend against pollution. 

I like to use this on no-make up days. It's perfect for just freshening and waking up the face in the morning. It's super gentle and delicate, which is great as, I normally find a lot of face washes can give my skin a bit of a bad reaction. It has a lovely light scent too - nothing too overly perfumed or harsh.

It's just a great product, that's easy to use and works great to just freshen up how your skin is feeling. I like to have an alternative to my oil cleanser, and this is perfect for that!