these moments away from you are heavy
like a tonne of bricks balanced on each shoulder
difficult to shake off

left only with my thoughts to keep me company
I long for the days where I could hold your hand and pour my heart out to you
my glass half empty, becoming a glass half full

it's the little things
I've noticed
like the way you make a cup of tea when I'm sad
or the way you look at me like no one else looks at me

I miss spending days in bed like it's the only place we ever need to be
and feeling your hands brush through my hair as I fall asleep
daydreaming about the future
laughing about the present

nothing right now can fill that void
nothing can compare to the feeling of home you give to me

it's just very heavy right now
this feeling
the feeling of missing you 
I don't ever want to be away from home again