I've had a lot of questions lately about how I've been styling my hair. I'm no hair expert in anyway, and I certainly don't know the ins and outs of hair tools or what's best to use, but regardless, you guys asked, so I answered!

I've popped a little routine up over on IGTV (it's my first actual IGTV eeek!) where I'm chatting you through the process, whilst also just chatting away in general, since I do love a good chinwag!

At the moment, I'm really enjoying the ghd Original IV Straightener for styling my hair. I love how I always get a relaxed, wavy finished at the end and it's so quick and easy to use. I do occasionally use a curling wand too - either the Babyliss Pro Conical Wand or the Babyliss Volume Waves Wand - but, right now, a simple straightener is doing the job for me.

So, anyway, I guess if you're curious at all, simply check it out HERE.  I hope you enjoy!

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