Well hello you lovely lot, how are we all? I'm currently typing this out from under my duvet, tucked up in bed, because this week as totally worn me out! There has been a huge leap of returning to somewhat of 'normality' after months of home life lately, and it's just A LOT to get used to again, you know?

I've spent my week back in my old routine of Northern Rail train journeys and copious amounts of coffee to keep me going, but it's also been filled with lots of exciting days of work and seeing friends, so that's been nice.

I began my week back at my part time job but, honestly, I feel like I never had a break in the first place. It's odd how you can slip back into something like that and feel no different at all. Everything feels exactly the same as it did before but the only difference from 6 months ago is that I'm always accompanied by a face mask and hand sanitizer now!

It's been pretty easy to go back into the old routine, but I think physically it's been quite tiring. I'm used to sitting down and scrolling aimlessly on my phone every five minutes so maybe that's why, but I'm sure I'll start feeling less worn out sooner or later.

Before heading back to work the other day though, I manged to finally catch up with Hannah, shoot some new blog photos in the city and obviously have a glass of wine or two. It was like a breath of fresh air to go back to shooting in Manchester and catching up with a friend - it's something I'd missed so much through lockdown and I can't wait to get back into doing it more (once this crazy rain stops, of course!)

On top of heading back into shooting blog content in Manchester, I've also had a week filled with modelling - another thing I'd been craving to get back into!

I got to shoot with an amazing team for Rock On Ruby on Friday - I'd worked with the brand previously for their Christmas campaign last year and had such a good time, so was so excited to see them again! It was also great to see Rihver and Morgan who I'd worked with before and it was just such a laugh and such a lovely shoot to get me back into the swing of things!

Then on Saturday I got to shoot for my lovely friend Liv's brand Olivia Annabelle Apparel once again. Her new collection is inspired by the sea, sailors, sirens and water, so I got to spend the day prancing around like a little sea fairy in her gorgeous designs!

Even in the BTS shots above, you can see the amazing statement collars and prints the pieces have, so keep your eyes peeled for that collection to drop because it's so so good!

It was another lovely day to finish the week off with, and it always helps when Liv has Percy Pigs as shoot snacks - it's a huge motivator haha!

I hope you've all had a lovely week this last week and if you've headed back to work like me, I hope you're surviving and giving yourself some well deserved rest when you need it ♥