Sometimes I don't quite know how to write about fashion anymore. I don't know if it's because I don't feel like there's much to say or I simply can't articulate much about clothes anymore, but I'm back today trying to give it a go and to chat to you about the wardrobe staples I've been grabbing for, non-stop, during this month of up and down weather and trips into the city!

Now, most of the staples in my wardrobe come under the 'neutral' category, in fact, all of them do. There's no doubt that if I'm unsure about what to wear, a beige look is my go-to.

I've been obsessed with this knitted Karen Miller dress (gifted) ever since it dropped on my doorstep. I love the comfy, yet figure flattering fit and it's just the perfect thing to throw on when the weather heats up. It's also great to layer with, like I've done here. I love wearing this Nasty Gal lightweight shirt over the top when it get's a little bit more chilly - the colours pair perfectly together and it just gives everything this relaxed, laid back feel.

Another staple for me lately is this Accessorize bucket hat. I never thought I'd fall for the bucket hat trend, but here I am, well and truly obsessed.

I mean, not only is a hat a practical accessory for someone like me, who's currently sitting here typing with sunburnt legs and arms because I forgot I can't handle the sun, but it's also just super cute! I love the festival-chic vibe a bucket hat gives, but I also think they can be so lovely and classy with the right look.

This Accessorize one I find to feel so elegant paired with a dress - the kind of thing made for picnicking in the park, surrounded by daisies and a glass of rosé in hand. It also works really well with this look I feel, since all the colours are matchy-matchy!


And, last but not least, let's talk shoes and bags!

I've been grabbing for this HVISK bag (gifted) non-stop. I love how it just pairs with any outfit perfectly and it's all a small shoulder bag but it manages to fit all of my bits and bobs in it somehow. The material is amazing for on-the-go too - it's like a shiny vinyl, wonderful for getting lipstick and coffee stains off of (I'm a very clumsy person, okay!).

Shoes wise, you've heard me talk about these Topshop heels a million and one times before so I won't chat on about them too much, but they're truly my obsession when it comes to trying to dress up my looks.

I just find that a white heel manages to make a look go from casual and chilled, to ready to take on the evening, so easily. Whenever I want to feel dressed up, these are what I always reach for!

What are the staples in your wardrobe right now? Let me know!

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