Well, as always, January felt like a never-ending month, but February is finally here and I'm ready to take on the next month of 2021. I mean, not that there's lots going on in life right night now, but a new month always feels like a refresh, especially when it lands of a Monday.

Life for the past month has felt slow moving, the kind of time where life just starts to pass you by as you plonk yourself in front of your favourite binge-worthy TV show and wish the hours away. For me, it's been Ru Paul's Drag Race - my Mum and I are absolutely obsessed. Shantay, you stay! 

I have to say however, it's also felt quite nice to not be putting too much pressure on myself after a hectic December. 

January felt heavy in a different way to any other month of lockdown we've experienced yet. The days felt so long and I seemed to find myself feeling more and more unmotivated as time went on. I know I haven't been alone in this feeling though, I think all of us, in some sense, have struggled to find peace and routine in the month of January. 

I'd kind of accepted the fact that January, and 2021 as a whole, probably aren't going to be easy to get through, and I'm finding myself allowing much calmer days and just going with how I feel each morning. Some days that could mean I've ticked everything off my to-do list and others it could simply mean I managed to get outside for a walk. I think taking each day as it comes is the best thing we can do right now.

With that being said though, January wasn't all that bad, some good did come out of the first month of the year. 

I do often think it's hard to remember that there were some highs within the lows. 

We had those lovely snowy days and wintery walks, Bridgerton to watch on Netflix (I'm still undecided how I feel about it haha) and I had some exciting things happen work-wise, which is always great! I spent so much lovely time with my Mum, laughed a lot, and, of course, enjoyed cosying up each evening with scented candles lit and hot chocolates in hand. Perfect!

So yeah, January wasn't all doom and gloom, but I'm definitely ready to move on from it and head further into the year, which will hopefully have us see some brighter days again.

How was your January? What was one of your highlights from the month?