So we've all seen that photo, right? The one where Kendall Jenner is wearing the most perfect, model off-duty, look, consisting of a simple white shirt, tee, some amazing trousers, belt and beautiful black sandals... If you haven't, then take a look here. But, oh my, I am just obsessed with it (I think we all are!)

Given that I spent a while drooling over the images of it, and just imagining myself ever looking so effortlessly chic, I thought 1. I'd try and recreate it myself (as you can see above, and yes, it's no where near the level of 'cool' that Kendall gives off haha) and 2. share some pieces with you so that you can recreate the look too!

I've compiled a small bunch of pieces that I think work perfectly to recreate the look - from high end to the more 'budget' end of the spectrum - so hopefully there's something here that inspires you make your own 'Kendall Jenner Look'!

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