I was having a chat recently with a friend, talking about the way that there are some jewellery pieces that simply just feel a part of you... you know, those pieces you never take off, the pieces you can't leave the house without, the pieces that just feel so 'you' that they're integral to your daily, getting-ready, routine?

I have so many jewellery pieces in my life that I love, from so many beautiful and amazing brands too, however, there are certain pieces that I just can't help but gravitate towards when it comes to putting together my day-to-day looks. 

So, today I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite go-to brands for jewellery, as well as some of my favourites from them, and maybe it'll inspire you to add something special to your daily, getting-ready, routine too!

Daisy Jewellery is one of my absolute favourites when it comes to jewellery. They were the brand that really got me into making jewellery part of my day-to-day wear. I fell in love with their classic and yet intricately designed pieces and as soon as I began wearing their pieces I couldn't stop. One of my all time go-to's are their Stacked Rope Charm Earrings - whenever I need a simple pair of earrings that can go with any outfit, any day, and that can even survive me sleeping and showering in them, I grab these!

Astrid & Miyu are a brand I was quite recently introduced to. I'd heard so much about them but never had the chance to try out their pieces until I was kindly asked to work on a super fun campaign with them. Once again, I was completely hooked! I wear one of their necklaces daily and really love their Rope Charm Hoops for day-to-day wear too. Their designs have this great mixture of bold, but classic, which I adore! 

Sun & Day kindly worked with me last year during lockdown and gifted me some of their pieces. Their Glass Tear Drop Earrings are the ones I always reach for when I'm trying to jazz-up a look a little bit and I also love the details on them too - they've got this textured detail on the hoop, which is so so nice! It's great to shop smaller, independent brands when it comes to jewellery - you can find such unique and beautiful designs that way!

Missoma are a brand that I just adore. I received one of their necklaces as a Christmas gift from my parents a year or so ago, and I've basically worn it every day ever since! The quality is so amazing and I love the beautiful simplicity and yet boldness of the designs - just beautiful! I've been eyeing up so many pieces from them lately!

The list goes on really! There are so many amazing brands, with so many amazing pieces to choose from to create your collection, so if you'd like to check out even more brands, I'll leave that list below!