I truly expected this year to have that same 'slow' feeling the past two years have had. I suppose I'd become routined into staying home and being alone, working the time away, just me and my camera. Now however, life is speeding back up to normal again and I'm kind of being shocked back into the swing of things. This isn't a bad thing, of course, the hustle and bustle of the last month or so has just really taken me by a nice surprise. 

Honestly, it's felt non-stop for me (or at least for the level my social battery can handle as I head further into my 20's) It's felt unusual given that I can be a bit of a recluse a lot of the time, but I really have loved being busy again. I've loved the excitement of heading out to try new places, catching up with friends, getting creative and enjoying the city sunshine. It's been well needed I think, not only for the sake of getting me out of my bedroom once in a while, but for the sake of pushing myself out of the comfort zone I seemed to have fallen back into. 

Today, let me fill you in on a few of the things I've been up to lately. With everything from taking photos and drinking coffee to... more taking photos and drinking coffee haha.

At the start of April, I met up with the fabulous Hannah and Michelle, to have a big ol' catch up and shoot some content in the Manchester. It was a busy Saturday, with the usual football masses and weekend city shoppers, but we had the best day wandering around, taking photos, and we even tried a coffee shop that I not been to before called 'Trove'. I loved it there - such a cute little spot! 

One of my favourite outfits we shot from that day included these fab ME+EM jeans (pictured above). They've been a favourite ever since I was kindly sent them and I just love how they worked for this monochromatic look. 

I've had a lot of these kinds of days this year and I have to say, I'm so happy about it. I love the chance to get creative with like-minded people and I'm always up for any excuse to grab a coffee!

Check out Trove & Check out ME+EM

The week after started with a very much needed haircut & colour. I finally refreshed the blonde highlights I got back in October (I know, that's bad, don't judge me) and I got a few layers chopped into my hair, which I just love! I really wanted my hair to feel bright and fresh for the warmer months ahead.

Michelle came up to Manchester again that week and helped me shoot a really fun campaign for Everlane. I decided I wanted to shoot some images and video at The Alan, where we were kindly invited to use one of their beautiful hotel rooms on a whim. It was such a cool morning and it was so great to check out the amazing spaces they have there - I wanted to take a picture of EVERYTHING. I was so happy with how the content for Everlane came out too, if you're interested in that you can have a look HERE. We spent a lot of our time in awe of how gorgeous The Alan was but also had a fab time shooting some outdoor bits and bobs too, which you can see a little snippet of above.

To end the week, I got to model for a lovely brand Sophia Jackson and shoot with my pal Christina! We shot in a very aesthetically pleasing studio on the most gloriously sunny morning - it was just perfect and the images came out so lovely. I mean, nothing beats shooting at early morning golden hour really!

A trip to London for the day was next and I couldn't have picked a more beautiful, sunny day for it! I literally watched out the train window as I left the grey Northern skies behind haha.

I headed down to check out the Boohoo Showroom where I got to take a peak of some of the 'new in' pieces coming in from Warehouse and Oasis, and also just to look at how lovely the space there was. I love a studio/showroom space with a minimal look - I'd happily live in one haha. This was before finally meeting my friend Charlotte (although we have no evidence of this since we took no photos together, ooops) and we went to check out the Trace Press Day, which was really fun! 

I also headed to the H&M and ME+EM stores to pick out some new pieces for Spring, so keep your eyes peeled for those on my Instagram too!

Last but not least, I got to shoot a campaign to celebrate the opening of the new Russell & Bromley store in Manchester and my lovely friend Lauren came along to help! The shop has been re-fitted with a chic and modern look - it's just so beautiful and they have the most gorgeous pieces too. I couldn't resist those sliders pictured above, I mean, all the pieces in there were both beautiful and comfy, what more could you want, right? I definitely recommend popping down to check it out if you're around and you can also look at the campaign we worked on HERE

We finished off the day with coffee from, of course, The Alan, before I headed home to begin a long evening of editing to get the campaign up the next morning (my eyes were laptop screen shaped by the end of it, but it was worth it haha)...