I recently added this & Other Stories blouse into my collection and it got me thinking about that season consuming famous The Devil Wears Prada quote: "Florals, For Spring? Groundbreaking." Now, yes, maybe adding florals into your collection for S/S isn't the most groundbreaking thing, but it definitely helps us express our excitement for those summer days through our style. For me, adding florals into my wardrobe isn't something I usually do, I mean, I'm a minimalist, I love beige, no-pattern, plain pieces, simplicity... but every now and again, a piece like this blouse sparks a bit of inspiration in me and I let a bit of pattern, a bit of fun, a bit of floral slip through the cracks.

I'm not saying you're about to see me donning pattern on top of pattern or even investing in many more floral pieces, but it's definitely nice to have the option, especially as we head towards sunnier months and heatwaves (finally!) 

If you're a minimalist like me, this edit is for you. The pieces I've curated below are floral blouses that I think would slip perfectly into any neutral-lover's wardrobe and that you'd be able to style really nicely throughout S/S. I'm picturing these paired with cute dungarees, white jeans, little denim shorts - literally any wardrobe staple! Anyway, happy floral blouse shopping!

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