June was a pretty damn good month, not only because it's my birthday month (hello, 24!), just simply down to all the lovely things I got up to during those 30 days that flew by so quickly. It felt like a slower month in terms of work, which was refreshing, but obviously instilled that sense of 'work panic' that I get when the work seems to dwindle out... however, I still managed to embrace the slower moments, despite time flying by so fast, enjoy the sunshine and, as always, consume a hell of a lot of coffee.

Today, let me fill you in on a few of the things I've been up to lately. 

As I mentioned, June really was filled with a lot of caffeine and down time with friends. I've been loving heading into Manchester for coffee dates and shoot days, especially now that the weather has decided to actually resemble a bit of 'summer time'.

Hannah and I spent an afternoon shooting content, basking in the sunshine and trying out a new ice cream spot (because you can't really enjoy a heatwave without some ice cream, can you?) and Lauren and I also had a super similar day, accompanied by the cutie that is Bruno (cutest doggo ever) and grabbing delicious smoothies from Ezra & Gil

I did a couple of TikToks on both days (Oh yeah, I'm on TikTok by the way - I'm cool now), so if you want to see more of that, you can find those videos HERE.

Han took me try out Pollen for the first time and I really loved it! The aesthetics in that place made my creative, minimal heart so so happy. We tried these amazing hash brown breakfast buns, which were SO delicious and the coffee was great too (although, they don't offer any syrups, so I couldn't add my usual vanilla or caramel, but I'll let them off for that). I also went to try out their new cafe in Kampus not long after with Lauren (yes, I split my time bewteen Han and Lauren these days haha) - equally as gorgeous of a coffee spot and a little more central for anyone who might want to go and try Pollen out!

You can find more out about Pollen HERE.

More cafe content, apologies (I did say it was a coffee heavy month haha)

I popped out into Manchester to meet with Mary, a lovely PR for Serge Lutens, and we discussed all about the brand over some yummy food and coffee at Trove. I actually hadn't heard of the brand before, but she kindly gave me a few products to try and I've been obsessed ever since! I'm loving using the primer she gave me, as well as the fragrances - so so good. I also hadn't actually been to that branch of Trove before, I've only ever been to the Ancoats location, but I really loved the vibe in there - so perfect for catching up with friends, working or meetings! 

My Mum and I shot some photos for a campaign too. It was the week of the train strikes, so I couldn't get into Manchester, but luckily we found this simple white building not far from our house, which worked out perfectly! We had a laugh, both getting attacked by bugs and trying to film aesthetically pleasing content (the two don't go hand in hand haha)

The week of my birthday came, sunshine forecast for the entire week, everyday except for... Friday, my birthday (damn it!) So, with that in mind, I met up with my lovely pal Liv earlier in the week, for a birthday catch up, and we spent the day in the loveliest little village, eating ice cream and walking along the canal. It was nearly 30°C, which was crazy. I managed to come away un-burnt, but slightly tired out from the heat, whereas Liv... she did end up looking a little but lobster chic once she got home - she still looked ever so glam in here Olivia Annabelle dress though (if only I could include the photo she sent me, hilarious!) 

Last but not least, my birthday! It was absolutely lovely. I spent the evening before having a gorgeous meal with Josh and his family, had lunch and cocktails with my Mum on the day of (2 cocktails for £12 meant lots of tipsy giggles) and then had a chilled weekend for the first time in forever, consuming cake, watching TV and arranging my beautiful bunches of flowers that I'd received. It was just the kind of birthday this gal needed!

23 flew by so quickly, so I'm excited to see what my 24th year has in store for me. I've got big plans for the next year or so, both work wise and life wise, so... let's do this!