Hey hey hey to another wishlist!

If you didn't know, each month I'm curating a bunch of things, whether it be clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. that have caught my eye for the month. This time I was really after some staples and go-to basics to update and refresh my current wardrobe.

I made a few orders a week or so ago and it included 6 of the 8 pieces you see above: The & Other Stories Tees, The COS Jeans, The White Shirt, The Blue Striped Shirt & A Cute COS Tank Top.

It was initially the COS Tapered Leg High Rise Jeans that caught my eye. I already own a pair of these after getting them off my May/June Wishlist, and they're now my go-to everyday jeans. The fit of the ones that I already own are just perfect - they have a high-waist, a slightly more cropped ankle than my usual style of jeans and are just so super flattering on the leg. All I wanted was the exact same jeans but in a lighter wash, but it's become a total saga trying to do so. I've ordered them in a lighter wash previously and every time I do so, including this time around, they come either in the wrong waist size and they're always 'full length' rather than 'ankle length'. The darker denim pair I have in my wardrobe already are 'ankle length' so I have no idea why these keep turning up in a completely different shape and fit. It's such a shame since the colour of the denim is perfect, but everything else is just wrong... so back they go!

I really loved the shape of the neckline on the COS Tank Top. It's has a cute boat neck, that just gives the piece something a little original, which I like. I know it's an absolute S/S staple and just easy to wear with so many things. 

Then, of course, a few shirts caught my eye and I couldn't resist. I really wanted to refresh the white shirt I already own - it just has too much of a 'back to school' feel to it which makes me not want to wear it. I wanted a white shirt that felt chic and casual and found this lovely COS White Shirt that really fit the bill. I do like it, it's definitely got a more relaxed feel than my old one, although I think because of it being cotton rather than linen, it still can look quite formal, so I might be adding a linen option to my next wishlist. I also realised I didn't have a striped blue shirt in my wardrobe. (I mean.. what kind of minimalist fraud am I?!) I loved the shade of blue the Mango Striped Shirt was, and the easy breezy, oversized fit is just perfect. 

The & Other Stories Tees were a 'need' not a 'want' in all honesty. I spilled coffee all down my favourite &OS tee the other week and was absolutely gutted - I needed a replacement ASAP. I ran straight to their site and luckily they were still in stock (hallelujah!) In the process of adding the classic White Tee to my basket, I also spotted the other more 'tan' 'beige' colour which I thought would be a nice one to have too - plus it's a colour I don't really have which is great!

Anyway, enough rambling from me. I will link everything from the wishlist down below and you can also find these pieces/my wishlist over on my LTK page too for you to shop!

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