Once again the fabulous people from Lancome have sent over some of their amazing new products for me to try out. This time it's these gorgeous L'Absolu Rouge Lipsticks and I'm so excited about them!

They are a reinvention of their cult lipstick, said to be more precious and more colorful than ever. There are 39 shades to choose from, from perfect nudes to intense reds - there's a shade for everyone. They also come in 3 different finishes which are Sheer, Cream and Matte. The Sheer shades are build-able and have a subtle shiny finish, the Cream shades are pretty much what they say on the tin and are creamy with a satin look and the Matte shades are a comfortable matte finish!

Lancome kindly sent me two shades to try out, the first one being Nuit & Jour, a gorgeous nude shade in the Sheer finish, and the other being Rose Lancome, a deep pink shade in the Cream finish.

Nuit & Jour was the shade I was most excited about. It looks very peachy and creamy in the tube and had the Lancome logo printed beautifully on the side. After applying it, I did feel slightly disappointed as it was waaay too light for my complexion - it washed me out quite a lot and gave me a slight 'foundation lips' kind of look. However, I still think it's a lovely lipstick and would look amazing on someone with more of a 'sun-kissed glow' than I have haha! The product felt comfy on the lips and lasted a pretty long time so I was so super impressed with that.

Rose Lancome is a fun and bright pink shade and that's not something I usually grab for. I never find that this kind of shade suits me but I was willing to try it out anyway! I found it to, again, be incredibly comfortable on the lips and super moisturizing. But, as I'd guessed, it wasn't really the shade for me. I much prefer bright red shades with my complexion and therefore, I don't think that this is a shade that I'd ever really wear myself. However, I'm going to be giving this to my Mum who absolutely loves this kind of colour, so although it wasn't for me, it doesn't mean that you can't all have a different opinion because everything besides the shade was absolutely perfect for me!

Let me know if you've tried these out and what your thoughts are down in the comments!

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