The sunshine just manages to lift your mood, doesn't it? It makes me want to get up in the morning, get to work, get out the house and be productive... but, similarly, it also makes me just want to dance round all day, listening to cheesy pop songs and singing at the top of my lungs, which isn't very productive at all, is it? haha

I took these photos today (despite being incredibly hungover and tired from a very fun night out last night) because the sun was shining through my window, the lighting was sooo bloody gorgeous and I simply just couldn't waste my day away by sitting and not taking advantage of it.

That's the thing, sunshine always seems to have a great affect one me. It can really pull me out of a downward spiral or just make me feel fresher and more awake.

You see, despite how fun it was to take these blog photos and dress up in my pretty Nobody's Child dress and my swanky Ted Baker boots, it only took me away from my bad thoughts (because, yes, I've not been having that great of a time at the moment) for a very short amount of time. I felt fun and giggly whilst prancing round my room and trying to get the perfect shots, but as soon as I sat back and basically just came back to reality, I remembered all the things that have been getting me down recently.

I've been feeling a lot of different emotions as of late. I'm not going to divulge in why or anything in this blog post, but basically, I feel like time is whizzing by so quickly and I've been soooo crazy busy - I think I've not had much time to get my head straight after certain things or rest properly.

I've been working so hard and trying to do so many things, that sometimes I forget that I need to look after little ol' me and keep myself sane.

I do feel like I've slipped backwards a bit in some senses recently, but, hey, like I said, the sunshine, even if only for a short while, has definitely been helping to cheer me up a little bit.

Another thing that has for sure been helping to cheer me up a little bit recently, are these gorgeous Ted Baker boots. Ted Baker contacted me a few weeks ago and I was honestly so excited by the email. They let me chose from a selection of their shoes and, as the heeled boot lover that I am, I just had to pick these!

These are the Lorca Leather Ankle Boots in the Tan colour, and I really truly love them!

I usually find that I grab more for black or darker boots, but I thought I'd try something new with these and try and incorporate a bit of something different for once. And, I have to say, I do really like the look of them. It's a nice little addition of colour to an outfit and they're such a nice colour for Spring/Summer time. 

The wooden heel is really cool and the gold detailing on the front and the zip is gorgeous. The contrasting heel and shoe make them all the more interesting and eye catching - just that little bit more fun!

They're super duper comfortable too, which is always a bonus (especially with me, as I literally cannot cope if shoes rub or hurt my feet!)

"Treat Yourself!"

Ted Baker have honestly got such a gorgeous selection of shoes at the moment, so if you've been feeling a bit pants like me, or simply just fancy treating yourself, then click HERE to head on over to their website and check them out! 

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