This blog can be a little bit of a mopey, morbid place sometimes, can't it?

This ol' space on the internet is just filled up with my inner thoughts, my inner feelings and my inner wonderings, a lot of which are very complex, very deep and a bit intense. So, something which I often fail to document on here is the 'good stuff' - the stuff I've got to be happy about.

You see, I was recently reading one of my favourite blogs everrrr, Pages By Megan, and Megan had written a post all about the things she'd been loving at that moment in time. I just found it really refreshing to read about what was making her happy, because by the end of it I was happy too!

So, today I wanted to take a page out of Megan's book (no pun intended there lol), and I'm going to discuss some 'Things To Be Happy About'.

(If you guys like it, I'm thinking of making it into a bit of series on here, to remind me to share the positives every now and again - let me know what you think!)

1. Health & Fitness

Over the past month I have truly thrown myself back into a healthy routine. I am eating and enjoying tasty, healthy foods everyday, whilst also working out at the gym at least 3 times a week. I'm so happy to say that I can already see a difference compared to last month (where i'd slipped back into some old 'binge eating' habits and was starting to get quite down again). I'm feeling a lot more confident, which is nice!

2. My Boyfriend

You see guys, I have never been in love before; in fact, I've never even had a boyfriend before; but some how, some way, here I am, all loved up.

(I don't want to waffle on too much about this, because I've already touched on it before, but it felt relevant to be included in this post.)

I often used to roll my eyes and want to yell 'oh shut up' when people used to tell me this, but it really does happen when you least expect it. One day, I was single, trawling through Tinder, in the hopes of finding a knight in shining armor, then the next thing I know, I've got some 6'1, knight in shining... Nikes? sliding into my DMs and asking me on a date.

3. Photo-shoots

Recently I've done some amazing shoots which I just can't wait to share with you!

A week or so ago, I shot with Darina, who is an amazing film photographer, whos work I just instantly fell in love with. (You can check out her work here: I adored everything from the styling, to the colours - so to get to work with her was fab!

Prior to that, I did an incredibly fun shoot with my modelling agency, IMM models.

They got a bunch of us down to London for a big shoot together, where I basically just spent my day dancing and singing the Estelle's American Boy and meeting other lovely and amazing models. It was just a bloody fabulous day!

4. Zara Pre-Fall Collection

Oh my god. Zara have done it again.

If I could, I would be buying everything from their 'New In' pages right now.

Everything from the over-sized knits, to the chunky earrings and colour clashing, is just right up my street and I'm just hoping that within the next couple of days I win the Euro Millions or something, simply so I can buy it ALLLLLL.

I get so excited when new season Zara arrives, especially when they just completely nail it (which, they pretty much always do...)

5. Booking My Driving Test

What has two thumbs, has taken a leap, and has booked her driving test? *enthusiastically points at herself* THIS GAL, THAT'S WHO!

So, finally, after over a year and half of slowly learning how to drive, I've finally bitten the bullet and booked my test.

I started the year by passing my theory test, which was super exciting and such a weight off my shoulders, so fingers crossed, if I can actually pass this too, I'll be on the roads in no time and I'll have had a year of many driving triumphs! (you've been warned... stay in your houses)

6. Dunkirk

Okay guys, I really just need to mention Dunkirk.

This film had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish, the cinematography was beautiful and the acting was just faultless.

From the moment the film began, to the minute it ended, I was glued to the screen, gasping, crying, holding my face out of pure stress and tension - it just had me reacting the exact way I would have wanted to react to a film like that.

One thing that truly stood out for me as well, was the lack of dialogue throughout it. The fact that the story is able to be told in such a way, without a load of nonsense dialogue thrown in there to fill time, is actually really beautiful.

It's a story that doesn't need to be over sold, but a story that should spark emotion, have you in the moment, and capture history, and I really appreciated that.

7. My Beans 

Ah yes, my beans are all home! (If you're wondering what the hell I keep mentioning beans for, it's what me and my friends call each other, I've not got a craving for some Heinz).

My friends are back from Uni and we've all been reunited. Despite the fact that I'm a total workaholic, with barely any bloody free time on my hands (seriously, someone force me to a chill day ASAP, please?!), I've managed to have a couple of catch ups and cute evenings with my lovely pals and it's just been really nice.

I often find it really difficult to draw myself away from working and organise things with my little gang, but I've been trying my hardest to do so more often, because they're just the bloody best bunch of people, and I should spend the most time with them that I can!

8. Blog Content

And finally, my blog content.

I've been so so happy with the content I've been creating recently. I'm so happy with the images, with the writing and the topics I've been discussing. I feel like I've really found myself when it comes to my blog, and to be creating content that I just truly love, is very very important to me.

It's nice to feel like I'm not trying to compete with other people's work and to just do my own thing - it's totally refreshing!

"No one is you, and that is your power"

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