Things To Be Happy About #3


As I began writing this, I glanced at the date and internally screamed 'HOW IS NOVEMBER NEARLY OVER?!'. How can the months keep disappearing before my eyes and my fabulous memories start fading into distant dots? It's total madness.

Thank god for my 'Things To Be Happy About' posts, ey?

These are the perfect way to remind myself of all the lovely things I've been up to recently, as well as a few things that are to come too - like a little snippet of my diary that I post online, if you will.

So, with that in mind, here are some things I've had to be happy about recently, and hopefully they might make you feel a little bit happy too!


1. Press Days and Internet Friends

Recently I attended two fabulous press days, and got to hang out with some amazing people in the process!

First of all, I had an amazing evening at the opening of the French Connection store at the Royal Exchange in Manchester. I got to catch up with some lovely ladies including Samio, Laurie Elle, Megan and lots lots more - it was an evening full of giggles and I loved it!

Then the next day, I headed to London for the Boohoo & Nasty Gal #WeAreSS18 Press Day too! I popped in with the beautiful Kiera, but also ended up bumping into the gorgeous Evie, Lucinda and Star - it's so nice to meet people after YEARS of knowing each other online!

2. Shoots

I've done some fab shoots recently and the outcome of all of them has just been so incredible!

I shot with the wonderful Adam Bird who created some images of me as a 'Snow Queen' (you all bloody loved those), then I also shot with Ema Crompton (who is an absolute HUN) and got some amazing images up in the Saddleworth Moors (coming soon!). Then, after that, I headed to Blackburn to shoot with Rachel Cottam and Karina So - another shoot where I was freezing my tits off, but the images are totally worth it haha (you can see some of those over on my Instagram now!). And then, last but not least, I finally got to meet up with the lovely Rosie Butcher and shoot some amazing blog photos... ie. these that are in this post! I was literally in love with every shot this girl took - she's amazing!

3. It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas 

Well oh well, if it isn't my favourite time of year again!

If you know me, then you'll know that I'm a total Christmas fiend. I love the festivities and the twinkly lights, and you can't beat a Christmas dinner.

I love a bit of Wham! blaring in my bedroom as I work and I adore buying cheesy gifts for people and seeing them open them up on Christmas morning.

I really am just so excited for Christmas this year. I'm feeling the most content about things that I have in a long time, so I'm thinking this one will be a good'en.

4. Something Exciting is Coming

Now, I shall leave you with this.

In June this year, I booked my biggest modeling job yet... and well... all will soon be revealed... something exciting is coming!

"This is her rocket fuel, and finally, she is going places"


  1. I'm so happy for you as always! It's so exciting and heartwarming seeing you work hard and do so well, you sure as hell deserve it. In loveeee with this shoot, you're absolutely killing it, with the variety of shots & the outfits! xxxx

    1. Thankyou Kat! That's so so lovely of you ♥ you're an angel! xxx

  2. Hi dear! I've been reading your blog for a long time now, and I have to say you are one of those few special blogers who shares personal, authentic posts with real meaning, not just description about clothes. I admit, you were one of my biggest inspirations to write in a style that I feel it's actually mine. It would really mean a lot to me if you would check out my blog I've just launched- - where I write in Hungarian and English at the same time. I hope I will reach where you are today. It can be so great to work together with people who are just as passionate about fashion as you. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi! Thank you so much, that is so kind of you to say and I'm so glad that I could influence you to write in a way that you feel is more 'you'! I will check out your blog now! xxx

  3. Ah love the concept of this post. It was good fun hanging out at the FC event last week...and I am also loving the shoots you have been doing recently, the Snow Queen shoot you did was unreal and all these shots with Rosie look so good! <3

    Samio xxxx

    1. It was fab Samio! And, thank you so much! xxxx

  4. Loooove this post, it’s so important to reflect sometimes and recognise the good things that are going on! I’ve been following you for a loooong time now and love seeing your amazing achievements! Looking as beautiful as ever x

    1. Thanks so much Chloe - it's so true, it's nice to recognize the good things! xxx


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