Hey guys, how are we all?

With this week being Mental Health Awareness week, I thought I'd get a blog post out there and check in on you all!

The theme for MHAW this year is 'Kindness', which I think is something that is at forefront of everyone's minds right now given the current climate. It's important that during this time we stick together and continue to lift each other up as much as we can, and to remember that, everyone is going through their own thing and being considerate should always come before anything else with that.

As I've said in a previous blog post, now more than ever, I have noticed everyone around me lifting each other up, supporting each other and spreading kindness in so many ways and I think it's truly wonderful. From nice comments on a friend's photo, to dropping a bottle of wine on your pals driveway and checking in on one another and sharing giggles over a Zoom call, there's love and kindness being spread daily right now and it's so so nice to see.

Yet there are still some aspects of the world, especially online, that can be a tough place and kindness isn't always spread everywhere - sometimes hate and disregard become prevalent and that is something I don't think is talked about enough.

I think as much as it's important to speak our minds and share our opinions, we have to remember the effects that our words and actions can have on other people. Often people forget that their words can hurt and linger over someone's life, and it leaves us in a situation where people spread out nasty comments and unneeded opinions that affect people in the worst ways.

There have been so many occasions where I've seen people (especially content creators) who open up about the affects that online hate has had on their lives and it's truly painful to know that such amazing people are being torn down, simply by the fact that other's haven't thought about the affects of their words before speaking or sending them.

To think of someone experiencing this, simply because other's aren't considering their actions and have decided to be unkind, for whatever reason, is truly heartbreaking.

"what susie says of sally, says more of susie than of sally"

If I have one thing to say in this post, it's simply that people need to think before they speak. People need to learn that no one is forcing you to look at a photo, or watch a video or listen to a song and it's so so easy to simply click away, leaving not a single trace of nastiness behind.

The same goes for real life - you don't like someone's outfit? Okay, cool. That's fine! But they do like their outfit, so let them enjoy it!

Everyone is different. Everyone likes different things, acts a different way, has a different sense of humour, has a different sense of style or taste in films or music. It's what makes us all unique, and surely that should be celebrated and not scrutinized.

Judgement is a habit that I wish we all could knock. It'd be so great to be in a world where people just let others be themselves and do their own thing. Obviously, that's circumstantial, I don't think we should let people who do bad things roam freely doing whatever they want, but you get what I mean.

Like I said we're all human, with our own opinions, but sometimes it's just kinder to keep it to yourself and let bygones be bygones.

Okay. Rant over!

I hope you're all okay and dealing with this crazy situation as best you can. I know that, for me, it has been a bit of a roller-coaster, and almost as if I'm living in some alternate universe, but we just have to take each day as it comes, right?

I think this time in lockdown has definitely made a lot of us appreciate what's truly important in life. From the people we keep close to us, to the regard for others and our health - hopefully we'll all come out of this with new perspectives.

The kindness of others during this time has certainly kept me going, and to anyone who continues to be a lovely, supportive light in my life, thank you ♥️

Last but not least (and in the spirit of kindness, of course) I just wanted to give a mention to my lovely friend Liv who runs Olivia Annabelle Apparel. The blouse in this post was made by her and, honestly, I'm just constantly in awe of her talent. She has some absolutely gorgeous designs that are perfect for Spring/Summer (her Bloomsbury collection is to die for!). I'll link her site HERE so you can check her out. She's truly fabulous!

Anyway, lots of love to you all, look after yourselves.

Hol x