Lockdown has been the perfect time for me to trial out some new skincare products. I've had 3 staples in my life for a while now - I wrote about those in a previous blog post HERE - but it's always nice to give some other things a whirl and see if they can be a good addition to the collection!

I was recently sent some lovely products by Ede, who are an independent brand focusing on using organic and natural plant oils, as well as creating a new wave of aromatherapy. Ede believes that as humans, our lifestyles, emotions, thoughts and feelings all respond to our sense of smell more than any other sense, which is why their products center around the use of natural ingredients that smell incredible and super calming.

The thought process behind Ede is a connection between our skin and emotions, which is something I can really relate to. "How we feel in our mind and body shows on our skin" - and so their products are formulated to encourage the best version of ourselves.

Ede are also environmentally conscious, packaging their products in recyclable glass with reusable plastic lids, as well as offering a plastic free alternative of aluminium lids too.

They're just an all-round really lovely brand and I feel so privileged to be able to give these products a go!

Cleanse It Back Face Cleanser

First up we have the Cleanse It Back Face Cleanser. I recently ran out of my usual oil cleanser, so was so excited to have this one to try out.

This cleanser is designed to help balance the skin, reduce redness and control oil production. It contains Vitamin E too, which is great for combating acne (something I suffer with).

I simply apply the oil to dry skin, massage it in, add a little bit of water and rinse away!

Since using it, I have noticed such a difference in my skin's texture. My skin feels super plump and soft, and I've also seen a reduce in redness too. I can tell it's working it's magic on my breakouts, as they seem to be calming down by the day as I'm using this.

The great thing about it is that it's suitable for any skin type, even super sensitive ones like mine. It's wonderful to have such a good product out there that works it's magic on anyone and everyone!

Born Again Treat Mask

Next we have the Born Again Treat Mask.

This face mask is designed to brighten and resurface the texture of the skin. It's also described as a 'superfood powerhouse', which just makes you want to slather it all over your face until you're skin is 100% superfood-ified, doesn't it?!

I try not to use masks to often, as I can find them to be a little harsh and overwhelming for my skin, but this one has been really lovely to use.

I can suffer with quite dry, rough patches on my face and this does such a wonderful job of evening out my skin's texture when it needs a little extra TLC.

I tap a little in my hands, add around a teaspoon of water, mix it together and apply to my face. I then leave it on for around 15 minutes and voila!

BDE Roll On Therapist

Last but not least we have the BDE Roll On Therapist.

Now, not only is the name of this just amazing (I mean, who does't love a bit of 'big dick energy'?!) but the product itself is just fab!

This is a roll-on oil that contains everything you need to "reach an attitude of cool, casual, confidence". It contains a mixture of Rosemary, Basil, Bergamot and Lavender to help ease your anxious thoughts and take you into a more assured head-space.

I love using this in the mornings before my day ahead. I simply roll onto my wrists, giving them a little sniff, of course, because the sweet scent is amazing, and then let BDE work it's magic!

If you want to check out what else Ede has on offer then you can head to their site HERE.

*the products in this post are gifted.