Hello To Another Wishlist!

If you didn't know, each month I'm curating a bunch of things, whether it be clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. that have caught my eye for the month. This time, things are looking pretty COS heavy, but I was just really after some high quality go-to basics to add into my collection and COS is the perfect brand for that.

I made a COS order a week or so ago (the temptation was much too high for me to wait until it was actually June, so this is more of a May/June wishlist for sure haha) and I had to really try and narrow down what pieces felt like a 'want' or a 'need' because everything on the site is just *chef's kiss*. My order included 5 of the pieces you see above: The Button Down Linen Shirt, The Knitted Midi Dress, The Ribbed Jersey Tank Top, The Tapered Leg High Rise Jeans and The Oversized Seersucker Blouse.

It was initially the Tapered Leg High Rise Jeans that caught my eye. I've never really had a pair of darker wash denim jeans in my collection, but I think that's mostly down to never finding a style that I thought would flatter my shape. On the model, these jeans looked SO good and figure flattering, that I finally bit the bullet and had to try some on for myself. I wish I'd invested in a pair of jeans like this sooner because, my god, the fit is just perfect. They have a high-waist, a slightly more cropped ankle than my usual style of jeans and are just so super flattering on the leg. I really want them in a lighter wash too now! They were £69.00, so definitely an investment jean, but absolutely worth it. I can see these pairing so well with white tees and blouses throughout the Summer!

Then of course, the need to find some tops to style with these new jeans set in. I was hooked in by the Tops & Blouses section and couldn't look away. The jeans were styled with a white tank top on the site, so I set out to pick one of those out for myself. I really loved the shape of the neckline on the one that I found (The Ribbed Jersey Tank Top) and as soon as I tried it on, I knew it would be an absolute S/S staple. Undoubtedly, my weakness, a short sleeved Button Down Linen Shirt then caught my eye. There was a lot of umming and ahhing over this piece because, I did question 'do I really need another one of these shirts?'... but apparently the answer is 'yes' because I ordered it! I just really loved the contrast between the white linen and tortoise shell buttons - it's such a classic look but a really nice stand out piece at the same time. The Oversized Seersucker Blouse was simply to curb my want for a darker blouse option in my collection. I like the fact that this piece is a dark navy rather than a black and it's just really flattering, floaty and classic. I truly cannot complain - COS hits the mark just right!

The Knitted Midi Dress was a trend-led purchase in all honesty. I'm seeing these kinds of pieces everywhere and I really wanted a more updated version of one I already have. The one I have has a v-neck, which isn't usually a style I'd pick, so I wanted to try this one out seeing as it has a round-neck that I much prefer. I've only tried it on the once (at the time that I'm typing this haha) and I'm not 100% sure on it just yet. It is beautiful and feels so high quality, but whether it actually suits me, I'm not set on right now. I think I need to see how I would style it and decide whether or not it's a piece I would definitely get wear out of. I do think it'd be lovely for layering with blazers and even knits as we head back towards winter later in the year!

Anyway, enough rambling from me. I will link everything from the wishlist down below and you can also find these pieces/my wishlist over on my LTK page too for you to shop!

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