Feeling Regal with Thomas Sabo #ad

I always like to make a statement. I like to catch people's eye and draw them in. I like to experiment, to try new things and to work with different styles and looks.

Today, I'm feeling regal. I'm working with a totally 'regal' and 'lavish' vibe.

I feel like a member of the royal family almost (a much more disgruntled member of the royal family might I add, but still, I could be a part of that family, for sure...).

You see, when I think of the word 'regal', I always instantly think of Kate Middleton in that beautiful wedding gown, or I take to the idea of fictional Disney Princesses like Cinderella or Snow White, I don't tend to think of much else.

I don't tend to think of grungy looks or the colour black - it's always very light and whimsical.

But, that's the thing I like about this gorgeous choker by Thomas Sabo. This choker has the ability to make me think of so much more than Disney Princesses, and allows me to experiment and shake things up a bit, just like I love to do.

The beautiful velvet band, paired with the unique look of the multi-colored cross pendant, just has such a vintage and 'one-off' feel to it. It screams 'Victoriana' and instantly made me want to create a mixture of a grungy, yet elegant look.

I mean, at the end of the day, the choker is a trend that is back and ins't going anywhere, so why not shake things up from your usual 'modern' look and try something a little more unusual with the 'regal' feeling, right?

This is a piece of jewellery that can be transitioned from day-to-night so effortlessly, just by switching up the lip colour you chose to wear with it, or opting for a little black dress, rather than a pair of jeans and fitted white tee.

For this look, I wanted to keep things simple, yet also implement that grungy, Victoriana vibe that is so perfect at this time of year.

I paired my fabulous choker along with my gorgeous Thomas Sabo earrings (perfect colour match, right?!) and opted for a bold lip to really tie the look together.

"Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique."

It's definitely not a look I would usually opt for (sometimes I forget that it's totally okay to feel like a Princess/royalty even if I am just little ol' Holly White from the North!) but experimenting with different ways to stand out from the crowd is totally my thing and this look works perfectly for what I wanted.

If you want to get your hands on these pieces yourself, simply click HERE and head on over to the Thomas Sabo website and browse the collection, and you can feel like royalty too ♥


Why I Much Prefer A/W Fashion

Well hello there you lovely lot, I'm seriously throwing it back today with these photos!

A while back, me and the gorgeously talented Lauren Weare, shot these photos, tried not to get rained on, and had a good ol' chinwag in the process; and, for some strange reason, they never made it into a blog post and slipped into my sea of blog images *cries*.

But, alas, here they are today, in all their glory!


Anyway, what I wanted to talk about today with you was: Autumn/Winter fashion.

Here in the UK, Summer is well and truly a thing of the past, and I'm so so excited to be whipping out my winter coats (which you can find an amazing selection of on Lyst!) and woolly tights.

I'm such a cosy, comfy, cuddly clothes kind of gal and so I do tend to struggle with fashion during the warmer months. I'm not one to get my legs out or to bear my (non existent) cleavage to the world, so I find comfort in wearing roll neck jumpers and sassy floor length trousers with my chunky boots.

But, it's not just that, there are so so many things that I love about heading into September, October, November and December, and, so, I thought I'd fill you in on just what those things are!


1. Layers, Confidence and Cosiness

As I mentioned, I'm much more a kind of 'knitwear and cups of tea' kind of girl, rather than a 'bikinis and Ibiza' kind of lady, so A/W for me is total heaven.

I love investing in knitwear and coats, and layering up with amazing pieces. I love mixing textures and placing patterns on top of each other, having people stare at me and wonder if my stripey trousers are actually my pyjamas. I love just being totally cosy - that's what I'm all about!

For example, I love the idea of a gorgeous Faux Shearling Coat paired with a chunky Roll Neck Sweater underneath or adding an amazing patterned scarf to finish off a look!

Plus, Autumn/Winter fashion just seems to give me so much more confidence too.

Maybe it's the way I'm able to experiment more and add in extra pieces to my looks, or maybe it's a body confidence thing, but either way, walking round in my big pink Zara coat, paired with a classic red lip, always makes me exude total sass.


2. Colours

The colours that A/W fashion bring to the table are always just total eye candy.

Burgundy's mixed with baby pink's, and dark green's and navy's, always manage to fill up my wardrobe instantly as soon as we hit September time.

There's something about styling with darker tones and colours that I just find creates such chic, yet cosy looking looks and that's something I really love in fashion; I want outfits that look incredibly stylish, but also have that 'I'm comfy and cuddly' look about them too.

Take this gorgeous >>> Belted Jumpsuit - it's something that looks super comfortable, yet incredibly stylish at the same time!

3. Christmas Trends


If you know me, then you'll know that Christmas is my favourite time of year, and I love just walking into a clothing store and seeing the rails filled with glitzy pieces and red jumpers.

I get so excited over the thought of what dress to wear on Christmas day, and what cosy look I'm going to go for on Boxing Day when I'm still stuffed and 9 months pregnant with a food baby.

I love the tacky pieces, to the more glam pieces - it's all a big part of my festive fun (lol, 'festive fun' who am i?!)

Dresses like this >>> Nasty Gal Disco Inferno Dress are getting me so excited for party season!

4. Autumnal Blog Photo Backdrops

As much as I love a bit of cherry blossom, or a beautiful, sunset lit field, in the background of my blog photos during Summer, there's nothing more seasonal and lovely than a few shots where there are gorgeous brown leaves on the ground, or a gust of wind brushing through your hair.

I love the blend of the colours in A/W fashion, and the way it all looks with our surroundings. It's crazy that just wearing a burgundy jumper can make the brown leaves and cloudy skies, stand out so much more than usual!

5. Darker Evenings (although, in a photography sense, this is HELL)

I love darker evenings.

I love sitting in bed, watching a crappy Netflix series, and cosying up in my new woolly pyjamas. And, yes, although when it comes to photographing images and trying to get good lighting at 1pm in the afternoon, this is total hell, I just can't help but love it!


Things That School Never Taught Me About Life

I'm a dropout. I'm a 'I hate the education system' kind of gal. The only part of school that I ever enjoyed was the social aspect - the seeing my friends all day and everyday.

Saying that, I was a total goody two shoes (not this rebellious teen that that first paragraph made me out to be). I got great exam results, I constantly tried hard, and I had detention, I think, about 3 times within my entire High School duration.

You see, it wasn't until I reached the last year of high school, and then eventually dropped out of college like 2 months in, that I began to realise just how education made me feel and how little I knew about REAL life.

Sure, I could probably have told you about all of the themes in Of Mice and Men, or name some elements from the periodic table if you'd have wanted me to, but when it came to the real world, I was lost - in the world outside of my social circle and my classrooms.

So, today, I thought I'd talk you through a few things that school never taught me and how I've come to learn things through... well... living life, REAL life.

Money Is Hard To Handle (and earn)

School never taught me about money.

Sure, I knew that I had to leave school and then eventually earn a steady income at some point in my life, but that was literally it.

I didn't learn about Tax or VAT or even realise the cost of just living until I'd reached about 17.

Until I started earning money for myself through blogging, I lived off of my Mum and Dad (I still pretty much do these days as well, but I earn my own dollar bills too, don't you worry). My Mum and Dad funded my life, bought my clothes and looked after me in every way possible.

And, when I started to earn my own money (quick thanks to le parents for waiting around and believing in my wild choice of self employment), it made me realise just how tough it is to handle.

You see, I didn't realise that a bank balance £100 (which would have used to have seemed like I'd won the lottery or found a pot of gold) would suddenly make me cry and make me start sharing 'help me, I'm poor' memes. I didn't realise that being self employed and working in the modelling industry would mean that I'd sometimes be waiting 8 weeks to receive the money I'd earnt, or be struggling to even earn money in the first place (all those unpaid collabs, I'm looking at you). And, I just didn't realise that it costs soooo much to simply survive day to day, to get from place to place and to look after yourself or fund what you do.

School never taught me that, and that's stupid because it's such a huge part of life. It's such an important thing to understand, and also such a tricky thing to deal with if you're really not sure what you're doing with it.

I'm just learning as I go along now!

You Can Do Whatever The Hell You Want In Life (even without exam results)

Ah, the ol' idea of 'what am I going to do with my life after school?'.

I went through soooo many different phases and job ideas when I was younger. I thought about being a teacher (worst idea ever - I'm crap with kids), an actress (something I will always want to pursue, even though I never will, and can't even act anymore lol), a radio presenter (again, I'd still love to do this) and the last idea I remember having, was a film trailer editor (like Cameron Diaz in The Holiday - plus, living in that house she has wouldn't be too shabby).

I went through a lot of ideas.

As you can tell, I was always drawn towards the more 'exciting' and 'creative' job ideas. There was never a part of me that wanted to become an Accountant or work in an office all day (I'm sure these kinds of jobs are very exciting, but they're just totally not up my alley). So, I think that I often felt kind of trapped and pressured at school - I didn't feel like I could dream as big as I wanted to.

And, well, if it wasn't for becoming too ill to be at college back in 2014, I would have stuck it out. I would have gone through the entire education system, all the way to the end, even though I well and truly hated it.

Now, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with going all the way to the end with education - I have so much respect for people that can hack it - however, I just got no enjoyment out of it. I could feel myself slowly withering away and loosing myself, and sitting in a classroom, walking from lessons to lessons, wasn't helping that at all.

I'm just so glad that I started up my blog and got scouted by my amazing modelling agency because they've managed to bring me back to life again - they've let me dream big and allowed me to be and do whatever the hell I've wanted to.

So, I guess the point of what I'm getting at is, school can make you feel like you have to do certain things to get by in life.

You get told that you need certain grades and qualifications or else no one is going to be interested or, you won't get to where you want to be, and it's just not the case at all.

I don't have A-levels, I don't have a degree, and yet I'm still doing something with my life, earning a bit of money and enjoying it - you can do whatever you put your mind to!

Express Yourself!

The amount of days I spent in front of the girl's toilet mirror, rubbing away my Benefit They're Real mascara from my eyes, and dabbing off my hot pink lip stick, are too many to count. (Ironic considering how bare I like my face to be now lol)

You see, I didn't look like the other girls. I didn't have dark eye lashes and brows, I had translucent lashes and my confidence was majorly lifted just by adding a spot of lipstick to my face.

BUT, school rules are school rules, and that meant I couldn't express myself like that.

We weren't allowed makeup, nail varnish or wacky hair colours; we weren't allowed to wear tighter skirts or certain shoes, and we weren't allowed to channel ourselves in anyway. And, the problem with that is, when you're that age, it can have such a huge affect on how you feel about yourself and other people's perception of you.

I'd be so uncomfortable in front of other people without the comfort of mascara, or knowing that my lips were standing out just that little bit more than usual would just give me that boost of confidence I needed. I'd spend my days comparing myself, the way I looked, the way I was perceived, to everyone else and it's had such a huge effect on me today.

But, now that I'm 19, living my life swanning around in whatever I think I look fucking fabulous in, I've truly learnt how amazing and important it is to be able to express yourself.

Wearing what you want, styling yourself how you want, being how you want, is what makes you YOU and if you're being stopped from doing that, it's no good at all.

If you want to die your hair blue, go for it. If you want to wear a red lip, go for it. If you want to wear green, orange and pink altogether in one outfit, then YOU GO FOR IT.

Your Health Should Always Come Before Work/School

There's so much pressure on young people in education.

There's such a huge pressure to succeed, to get specific grades, to reach certain goals, and I know from my own experience, that it's completely and utterly draining.

The thing is, when I was studying for my GCSEs, I was struggling with an eating disorder, slowly becoming more and more depressed and struggling to concentrate on anything other than timings, food, and panic attacks due to my constant Anxiety and OCD.

I was in a shitty situation. And, I'll be honest, education just made it soooo much worse.

All my target grades were A's and B's, I was trying to get into a certain college (again, ironic considering I dropped out lol) and I could feel pressure pressing down on my shoulders like no tommorow.

I remember I hated school SO much by the end of it. I'd be watching the clock, counting how many times the hand went round and waiting for it to hit 3:00pm. I'd rush home and just want to hide away in my house.

I couldn't focus properly because my mind was fixated on calories, exercise and food and I was constantly consumed by dark thoughts.

I wish I'd just looked after myself now - I wish I'd have told myself to just focus on not letting myself get any worse or given myself a break.

In fact, I wish that the pressure wasn't there in the first place. I wish I didn't have to tell myself to have a break. I wish someone had told me that the grades were not as important as being alive, or as important as having a healthy mind.

Don't let the pressure ruin your mental health, or your physical health. It's not worth it.

"Everything works itself out anyway"

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Where Do I Get My Inspiration From?

"Take notes, collect things, document your findings. Copy, trace, notice patterns. Record what you are drawn to"

Something I am often asked is 'where do you get your inspiration from?'. It's a question that I love answering because it always manages to get my creative juices flowing, and searching for something that grabs my attention.

I find inspiration in so many things, in so many places, and so, with that, today I thought I would share with you 'Where Do I Get My Inspiration From?'


This is a big one for me. I am obsessed with other bloggers.

If I'm ever feeling stuck for outfit ideas or I'm looking for a good read, I simply head straight to Instagram or Bloglovin, and I'm instantly struck with so much inspiration that my little creative head can't even handle it sometimes.

I love being inspired by other people's imagery or words, and I think it's so amazing how there are so many incredibly talented people out there who manage to encourage my creative spark on a daily basis.

Some of my favourite people for a bit o' creative boost are Megan Ellaby, Starr Clare, Kya Jones, Katerina Jane, Meg from Wonderful You, Sophie Rosie, Chloe Plumstead, Sophie Milner, Alice Catherine, and soooo many more!



Ah magazines.

If you know me, then you'll know that magazines are a huge source of inspiration for me.

You walk into my bedroom and you're greeted by magazine editorial, after magazine editorial pinned, blue tacked, and taped to my wall, and stacks of Vogue and other beautiful magazines piled by my bedside.

I'm a total magazine fiend!

The thing I love most about magazines is definitely the editorial spreads. 1. Because one day I do truly dream of being in one and 2. I am obsessed with how amazing the styling and aesthetics of some of them can be.

I also adore the adverts too - I'm forever tearing out the latest Gucci ads or drooling over the Celine pages  - it's just beautiful imagery that completely speaks to my soul!


Now, this totally depends on the kind of TV programme/film that you're watching, however, more often than not, I am sat, stuffing my face with food and staring tentatively at my Netflix screen, when I'm hit with that 'omg, that outfit is amazing' kind of feeling.

For example, ever watched Clueless? Is there any girl out there that doesn't want to walk round dress in double plaid like Cher? or squeeze into that cute little red slip dress that she wears? I don't think so. We become obsessed with it, and that's because the fashion is so. bloody. good.

Another suggestion for total #outfitgoals, are the girls from Mad Men in their 60's, sexy, office looks. There's just something about the super cute, mod, 60's vibe that always gets me!

Or if you want something super current, Nasty Gal is an amazing call too! Why can't I make amazing clothes like Sophia?!


Last but not least, and probably the most simplest form of inspiration I'm going to mention today is, walking through the street.

I'm forever bopping around in The Northern Quarter, staring at all the amazing fashion going on and then suddenly finding myself shopping in COW or Zara because I've just got bitten by the fashion bug.

Seriously, these people are STYLISH.

There's nothing more exciting than just seeing someone's amazing outfit through a crowd because it's so incredibly unique or eye catching, or they simply just look so overwhelmingly cool.

I think that's something that just makes fashion so amazing!

I also just get really inspired to write when I'm walking around town too.

I pop my earphones in, go for a little street up the high street, and BAM! I'm suddenly hit with a flood of ideas. It's such an easy way to get out of a writers block rut or remember that idea that you thought of in the middle of your sleep last night, haha!

How do you get your creative juices flowing? What inspires you? Let me know down in the comments below - I'd love to know!

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