Things To Be Happy About #3

As I began writing this, I glanced at the date and internally screamed 'HOW IS NOVEMBER NEARLY OVER?!'. How can the months keep disappearing before my eyes and my fabulous memories start fading into distant dots? It's total madness.

Thank god for my 'Things To Be Happy About' posts, ey?

These are the perfect way to remind myself of all the lovely things I've been up to recently, as well as a few things that are to come too - like a little snippet of my diary that I post online, if you will.

So, with that in mind, here are some things I've had to be happy about recently, and hopefully they might make you feel a little bit happy too!


1. Press Days and Internet Friends

Recently I attended two fabulous press days, and got to hang out with some amazing people in the process!

First of all, I had an amazing evening at the opening of the French Connection store at the Royal Exchange in Manchester. I got to catch up with some lovely ladies including Samio, Laurie Elle, Megan and lots lots more - it was an evening full of giggles and I loved it!

Then the next day, I headed to London for the Boohoo & Nasty Gal #WeAreSS18 Press Day too! I popped in with the beautiful Kiera, but also ended up bumping into the gorgeous Evie, Lucinda and Star - it's so nice to meet people after YEARS of knowing each other online!

2. Shoots

I've done some fab shoots recently and the outcome of all of them has just been so incredible!

I shot with the wonderful Adam Bird who created some images of me as a 'Snow Queen' (you all bloody loved those), then I also shot with Ema Crompton (who is an absolute HUN) and got some amazing images up in the Saddleworth Moors (coming soon!). Then, after that, I headed to Blackburn to shoot with Rachel Cottam and Karina So - another shoot where I was freezing my tits off, but the images are totally worth it haha (you can see some of those over on my Instagram now!). And then, last but not least, I finally got to meet up with the lovely Rosie Butcher and shoot some amazing blog photos... ie. these that are in this post! I was literally in love with every shot this girl took - she's amazing!

3. It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas 

Well oh well, if it isn't my favourite time of year again!

If you know me, then you'll know that I'm a total Christmas fiend. I love the festivities and the twinkly lights, and you can't beat a Christmas dinner.

I love a bit of Wham! blaring in my bedroom as I work and I adore buying cheesy gifts for people and seeing them open them up on Christmas morning.

I really am just so excited for Christmas this year. I'm feeling the most content about things that I have in a long time, so I'm thinking this one will be a good'en.

4. Something Exciting is Coming

Now, I shall leave you with this.

In June this year, I booked my biggest modeling job yet... and well... all will soon be revealed... something exciting is coming!

"This is her rocket fuel, and finally, she is going places"


I Still Love Blogging And Probably Always Will

I still love blogging.

I still love sitting here, typing away, my fingers passionately hitting the keyboard, whilst my eyes stare at the tiny letters popping up on my screen.

I still love shooting photos - whether that be self portraits, dragging my Mum out into the street and bossing her around for 20 minutes, or working with a photographer - I just adore the process.

I love editing images, planning them out in some beautiful order for my Instagram feed. 

I love scheduling tweets, getting excited for my future content, and for you guys to see everything I create.

I love being able to get things off my chest, to sit in my bed on a crappy day, and to vent my feelings here in my own little world.

That's the thing you see, this space is mine. 

I was recently reading Lizzy Hadfield's (Shot From The Street) post: For The Love Of Blogging, where she mentioned the fact that the best thing about her blog was that 'it *was hers*', and that really hit home with me. 

That's the exact reason why I love this whole 'blogging world' so much. 

I am in control of this little space - it's mine to express myself, to share and to create what I love. 

And, yes, although I think the 'blogging world' has changed so much over the past few years - being affected by the mass amount of people in the industry now, the forever changing apps we use and the fact that everyone's content is just sooo bloody good - it has never stopped me from loving doing this or being a Blogger. The passion I have for this is still well and truly there.

At the end of the day, this started as a hobby for me - as a way for me to drag myself out of my Depression and give myself something to do. And, I just fell instantly in love with the process of it all - I finally had the creative freedom I'd always craved. 

I just feel so incredibly lucky now that it's managed to become a career, because, at the end of the day, that means that I get to do things that I love all the damn time.

I get to write, photograph products, shoot outfits, create YouTube videos and edit them - it's crazy that I'm 19 years old and I get to do this as a job.

I am very grateful for that.


Sure, we as bloggers all go through the crippling ache of when an Instagram post is a total flop and gets a measly 200 likes in comparison to the one yesterday that hit 1,500, but things like that can never dampen how amazing I feel when I create things for this blog, when I get to meet other wonderful like-minded people, or when a post I've written helps or inspires someone. 

It's too amazing a feeling - there's too much love for this online world - for that to ever stop me doing this.

I'm not saying that I'll be blogging forever, or for the rest of my life, but even when the day comes where I do finally hit that 'publish' button for the very last time, I want to do so with a total love and adornment for this community, this online space, and what amazing experiences it has given me.

So yeah, I still love blogging. 

No Instagram algorithm or lack of engagement can stop me having a love for how creative and free this allows me to be.

No one can ever stop me from expressing myself here, and I love that.

"Do what you love. Love what you do"

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Dress For The Party, Or Don't?

Party season is slowly creeping up on us, and, before you know it, we'll all be dancing to 'All I Want For Christmas', drinking mulled wine and, most importantly (and most stressful of all), searching every website for the perfect 'party' dresses.

Now, during the Christmas period, I tend to go through phases of wanting to wear the most snuggly, cosy thing possible, to then wanting to just deck myself out in everything glittery and that resembles the twinkly lights on a Christmas tree - it's one extreme or the other.

I love just being able to snuggle up in over sized jumpers and fluffy socks, but you also can't beat getting all dressed up and 'party' ready when you've got some fun plans to go to.

The thing is, wouldn't it be cool to be able to combine the two? 

Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to wear something super comfy and 'Christmas food baby' ready, whilst also channeling that festive glitz and glamour that we all love too?

So, what have I done?

I've scoured the internet, found some amazing pieces that manage to combine the two, or that can be styled up or down, and, ladies and gents, I'm going to share 'em with ya!

So, starting with some fabulous pieces from Warehouse - their Christmas party dresses are absolutely killing it right now!

The first dress I picked out may seem like the kind of thing that's only suitable for strutting your stuff at a fancy event at the W hotel or for a glamorous NYE party, but there's no reason why this couldn't be styled down with a black leather jacket and chunky black Chelsea boots. You could even sparkle in the streets by pairing it with a super cosy faux fur coat, thick tights, and knee high boots to keep those pins warm and snuggly!

The second dress just instantly jumped out to me. The soft and slouchy material is perfect for keeping comfy, but the sparkles just give it that added bit of 'festive glitz' we're looking for.

Then, last of all, the third dress is perfect to style with a comfy white turtle neck underneath, a black beret, an aviator jacket and a good ol' pair of trainers for a quirky, yet 'sparkly', casual vibe!

I then headed to ASOS, the absolute mother-ship of online shopping!

The first dress is that perfect 'inbetween'. It's glitzy enough to be glammed up with a pair of high heels and a bold lip colour, but can also be made into an every day look with fishnet tights, Dr Martens and a cosy puffer jacket.

The second dress could not work better for the more 'casual' feel if it tried! The simple 't-shirt' fit combined with the gem studs works to create a piece that still screams 'festivities' but also allows room for a good 15 mince pies.

Then, the last one that I chose here has the most soft and stretchy looking material - perfect for expanding after Christmas dinner or making room for cocktails! The fact that it's glittery too just means you're able to channel that winter trend, without feeling to restricted at all!

Last of all, I headed to Boohoo to search for some options that might be a bit more on the bargainous side.

The first dress I picked just looked so spacious and roomy, whilst simultaneously so so so glamorous, that I just couldn't resist picking it! The sparkles and gold tones are perfect for the festive season, whilst the fit and shape are still nice and comfortable. Plus, again, this is a piece that can definitely be dressed up or down.

Now for the second piece, I'm totally cheating here because, in fact, this is not a dress. However, you cannot get more comfy, cosy, glamorous and glitzy than this two piece tracksuit, am I right?! Am I right?!

Then finally, the last dress, despite not having any specific glitter involved, still manages to scream 'festive season' due to the luxurious looking velvet material. The piece just looks so soft and comfy, but also so regal and fancy too. I love it!

So, there you have it!

If you're like me and want to dress for the party season, but also secretly don't and just want to be cosy, casual, and roomy enough to scoff all of the Christmas chocolates, then hopefully these pieces have given you that little bit of inspo that you needed!

*this was a collaborative post*
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